This is a great compact read from R.L Weeks, perfect whilst enjoying some timeout over a coffee break. Catfishing gets drastically out of control for the first character we meet, a youngster called Casey. Her catfishing actions kickstart a domino effect, and before you can say “social media sucks”, murderous mayhem ensues. I actually liked Casey, because her insecurities and dramatic temperament make her human. The author reminds us very cleverly, and throughout the story, that her characters with murderous intentions, ARE human.

What I loved is the premise – being an active social media user, it isn’t difficult to envisage lies spiralling out of control. The characters, although we spend a mere few minutes with them, are well rounded – a real skill in itself. Empathy for the wronged characters who turn out to be cold-blooded killers, is thought-provoking and interesting in equal measure. I’m not a huge horror fan, but can happily read work by this author, as her descriptions are wonderful, and the narrative well thought out.

Highlights of this story include the comeuppance of perpetrators and how they meet their much deserved grisly ends. There is that little battle within yourself, as you question whether it is up to humans to dish out justice – or did the bad guys get their just desserts?

I love the conclusion. Without giving too much away, a popular social media site is shut down, in a bid to contain the fallout from Casey’s original catfishing project. I really enjoyed this tale and would heartily recommend to fellow readers.

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