Book Signing / Charity Raffle: Thursday 30th October, 2014 @ Rhode Island Cafe Bolton. SEE YOU SOON!

Hello Guys, How are you? It’s been a busy few weeks, not long to go now, for my book signing! In between prepping for a wedding and planning the schedule for the book signing afternoon, I’m finding the minutes are melting away faster than you can scarf down Tom Kerridge’s Chocolate Tart (more on that later). I’m also hosting a charity raffle to raise funds for Bolton Young Persons’ Housing Scheme, who do some truly wonderful work by helping troubled teenagers and giving them a safe place to stay. If you’re a business and would like to donate a product or service, hit me up. Without further ado, here’s the flyer for the book signing, I hope you can make it!

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I’m off to grab some lunch now but before I go, I’ll leave you with food for thought. Maybe because I’m thinking about food because my hungry stomach is growling at me, but I must say Tom Kerridge is one awesome chef. If you aren’t already tuned into his fab fricking tastic programme, check out Tom’s Best Ever Dishes series on BBC2. It makes for compelling TV, whilst his infectious enthusiasm and true passion for food shines through in his peppy foodie descriptions. He’s one of the nicest chefs around (right up there with James Martin, which is high praise indeed). I’m in the middle of cooking my way through his Best Ever book, expect a standalone blog post on that soon.

See you at the book signing,


PS the flyer is showing a little out of sync because WordPress is being erratic, I’ll upload and amend as soon as the nasty gremlin is banished.

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