Constructive weekend ahoy…

Good morning guys,

Hope you’re all doing well! What have you been up to this weekend, anything fun? It’s been pretty non-stop for me writing and editing, with a birthday party thrown in for good measure. Although I am mildly surprised that I didn’t awake with a pounding hangover, which seems to be a thing of the past thank God. I hate getting drunk these days, it’s such a waste of time and effort. Maybe I have finally matured and passed my student phase, halleleujah!

screaming-snowflakesBack onto more grown-up things, I’m in the middle of formatting the second edition of Screaming Snowflakes and it’s doing my head in. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE editing other people’s work, just not my own. I tend to break up the editing with bouts of reading (my reading pile is fast approaching the lofty heights of Mount Everest). The next few weeks are jam-packed, with Halloween in a few weeks time and Christmas around the corner too. I hate to be one of those annoying people who get over-excited about Christmas and start counting down a year in advance, but I figure a few months won’t kill anyone. Incidentally, there are 71 sleeps to go (yaay!).

There’s also the release of a film which you may have heard of *cough, Skyfall, cough*. Yes, I am a humungous Bond fan. Who is your favourite Bond? Sean Connery for me is THE quintessential Bond, but I think Daniel Craig definitely brings an edginess to the role. And who knew a blond Bond could work so well? I’ll be going to watch the film with a bunch of Bond enthusiasts (in particular gal pal A, who squeals as much as I do when anything remotely to do with Bond appears on screen). I’ll be posting my review as soon as I’ve seen it, so that’s something fellow Bond fans can keep an eye out for. See you in a bit as I bash out my next write-up…


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