Leading experts, writers, nutritionists and cooks will gather together for a series of public talks, demonstrations and debate about the future of food in Britain at the ‘Food for Thought’ event taking place over the weekend of 13/14 May 2017.

Organised and hosted by the School of Artisan Food on the Welbeck estate in Nottinghamshire, ‘Food for Thought’ is a two day event looking at issues such as encouraging good food habits in children, sustainable diets, food as medicine, and the impact of social media on food culture.

Nicole Pisani, ex-chef at Ottolenghi restaurant Nopi, food writer and cook Felicity Cloake, and Prof Tim Spector, author of ‘The Diet Myth’, plus many more luminaries in the food industry will be among the ten speakers giving a series of talks on trends in food production and consumption and examining how artisan producers and others committed to improved diet and food quality can help shape Britain’s food culture.

Up to 160 people are expected to take their places for the talks and demonstrations at the School of Artisan Food, which is located in the old fire stables on the Welbeck estate, ancestral seat of the Dukes of Portland.


Demonstrations will take place in the recently refurbished training rooms which are specially equipped for the teaching of bread-making, cheese-making, brewing, butchery, charcuterie and preserving.

Founder, Alison Parente MBE will give the opening address and said: “We are thrilled to welcome such eminent and interesting speakers to the School of Artisan Food, the home of fermentation and non-industrial food skills in the heart of England.

“The School is right on the button in the contemporary food scene. We are not talking about fads and fashion, but subjects that affect our environment, health and economy. It is a privilege to be able to listen to the leading voices in the field and to learn about subjects that range from the gut microbiome to starting your own micro-bakery.”

The School of Artisan Food is a not-for-profit organisation. It exists to teach all aspects of artisan food production.It offers an opportunity for people of all skill levels to expand their knowledge through a wide range of short courses and a ten-month, full-time, Advanced Diploma in Baking.


HRH The Prince of Wales has said about The School of Artisan Food: “What is going on here at the School is of enormous importance.”

Business and entrepreneurship courses also form part of the short course schedule and new course subjects are in development. The School has an outstanding reputation for the quality of training it provides with courses being taught by some of the most skilled and experienced artisan producers and practitioners in the UK, Europe and beyond.


Here is the schedule for the exciting weekend just over two weeks’ away.


  • BRONWEN AND FRANCIS PERCIVAL: ‘Does is taste good? Farmhouse cheese and the moral value of flavour’.

Co-authors of the forthcoming book Re-inventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes and the fight for Real Cheese .

  • NICOLE PISANI: ‘The more interested the children are in food, the less likely they are to throw it under the table’

Ex-chef at Ottolenghi restaurant Nopi, now chef at Gayhurst Primary School, East London, producing 500 school meals a day. Co-author or Magic Soup and the forthcoming Salt, Butter, Bones. (Member of the Guild of Fine Food Writers)

  • ALICE BRINTON: ‘Magic in the soil: The biodynamics of wine’

Journalist and owner of le Cellier de l’Abbaye in Cluny, France for 25 years.

  • PROFESSOR TIM LANG: Sustainable diets: What food systems should deliver

Professor of Food Policy at City University, author of many books including Food Wars and Sustainable Diets. (Member of the Guild of Fine Food Writers)

  • SUMAYYA USMANI: ‘When two seasons become four: Transporting my subcontinent cooking to Britain’.

Food writer and broadcaster who grew up in Pakistan, author of Summers under the Tamarind Tree and Mountain Berries and Desert Spice. (Member of the Guild of Fine Food Writers)


  • TOM JAINE: ‘Cora Millet-Robinet, unsung heroine of French cuisine bourgeoise, and her maison rustique des dames’.

Publisher of Prospect Books and editor of 2nd and 3rd editions of the Oxford Companion to Food. Publishes food newlsletter/journal Petits Propos Clinaires

  • PROFESSOR TIM SPECTOR: Food as medicine: Diet myths and microbes

Professor of genetic epidemiology and author of popular science books about twin studies as well as The Diet Myth.

  •  ARUN KAPIL: Spice – the route to flavour, health and joyous eating

Founder of award-winning company Green Saffron and author of the cookbook Fresh Spice. (Member of the Guild of Fine Food Writers)

  •  FELICITY CLOAKE: ‘Tweet first, eat later: The impact of social media on modern food culture’

Freelance journalist and author of the Guardian’s How to Make Perfect column and of four books. (Member of the Guild of Fine Food Writers)

  •  KIMBERLEY BELL: ‘How to start a ‘Small Food’ revolution’

Founder of the Small Food Bakery in Nottingham.

To learn more visit www.schoolofartisanfood.org or call 01909 532171 now.

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