Ladies and gents, boys and gals, emblazon the date of Friday 7 October into your minds and diaries. The launch date for new foodie haven is set – this is when Gary Usher will open his third site, Hispi, in Didsbury, Manchester. I’ll gloss over the whole Didsbury vs Chorlton site saga; I’m just happy that it’s opening. (Well, more like thrilled, because I love good food, wherever it’s served.)


The relaxed bistro will have 60 covers and looks forward to welcoming diners from far and wide. I know I’ll be making a special trip up to Manchester to have a peek at the menu.


If you manage to go before me (goes dangerously Hulk smash green with envy), I’d love to hear how you got on. What did you order? Did you take photos? I need the whole lowdown on how you found Hispi.

Gary’s got form. He owns Sticky Walnut and Burnt Truffle, both of which boast blimmin’ excellent menus and goooooood food.

You’ve got love Kickstarter, which is where a whole chunk of funds originated, to make Hispi happen. Backers of Hispi will have their names commemorated on one of the walls in the restaurant, which is a nice touch. So, what will the food be like? Think relaxed but effortlessly cool (a bit I’m guessing, like Lenny Kravitz). If Gary’s food is good enough for Jay Rayner (he delivered a glowing review of the Burnt Truffle earlier this year), then it’s good enough for me.

I haven’t seen the menu yet, but know it’s going to be mouthwatering.

For more information about Hispi, stalk them on Twitter, they’re a friendly bunch.


*Images courtesy of Tycoon Creative / Mr Bean TM)*

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