Hey all, hope you’re well? As you know, I keep my ears to the ground with any foodie related news and this piece was excellent to see. HIT Training, the leading specialist training and apprenticeship provider for the hospitality sector, has announced the launch of a brand new initiative – the HIT Chef Academy.

This means that the chefs will be able to follow their dreams by being part of a lean, mean academy HIT squad.

The official launch is on 4th November 2015, which couldn’t come sooner. So, what exactly is this HIT Chef Academy?

It’s an innovative new training academy for future culinary stars, aiming to meet the demand for highly skilled chefs, as a result of the growth in fine dining experiences in the UK in the last two decades.

Headed by Paul Mannering, Academy Principal, and run by 20 expert HIT Chef Trainers, the new training programme will bring together the very best in culinary excellence to provide the apprentices with the highest quality training, development and learning in the industry.

The over-arching goal of the HIT Chef Academy is to challenge and stretch the apprentices, supporting them to raise their core skills and confidence through the dynamic syllabus, including subjects such as knife skills, stocks, cold presentation, patisserie, kitchen management, flavour profiles and team work.  In addition to this, the apprentices will also benefit from master-classes, supplier visits and demonstrations from leading industry professionals, such as Paul Wayne Gregory, the expert chocolatier.

Paul Mannering, HIT Chef Academy Principal, said: “Here in the UK we are leaders in innovative cooking and fine dining experiences – with the number of Michelin starred restaurants increasing each year – and it is an exciting time for the industry as it continues to grow.”

It’s certainly interesting times for foodies and chefs alike, as the number of eateries explodes. (I only wish more investors were flocking to Derby, as the dining scene here is good, but could be improved. Come on restaurateurs, follow the lead of Turtle Bay, Zizzi, Joe’s Kitchen et al and hop on over to Derby!)

Paul continued: “Apprenticeships have a vital role to play in training the next generation of chefs.  By launching the HIT Chef Academy we hope to offer more chefs the opportunity to build a successful career in the hospitality industry and to invest in their training and development for the benefit of both the chefs and their employers.”

With over 1,600 cookery apprentices across the country, HIT Training is leading the way for apprenticeships within the hospitality industry and with initiatives like the HIT Chef Academy, the company aims to raise awareness of the benefits of apprenticeships, not just for school leavers, but for those looking for a route to upgrade their skills and further their career.

If you’re a budding chef, why not get in touch with HIT? Hop onto their website now for more info. https://hittraining.co.uk



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