Patron of Reading, World Book Night, it’s all kicking off!

Hello guys,

How have you been? I can’t believe it’s April already and the sun’s out in full force, so it’s going to be a lovely day. I just wanted to touch base to fill you in some really exciting news. And in the interests of writing shorter, snappier pieces, I’m going to try to be quick (God knows that a near impossibility, I’m a loquacious bod you know).

POR_LogoOK, so I discovered earlier today something which I’m absolutely thrilled about… (drum roll) I have been accepted to be a Patron of Reading. It’s such a fantastic initiative which champions reading in schools, creating an important connection between authors and schools. To be part of an intelligent, passionate network to advocate reading (one of my favourite pastimes EVER) is an honour and privilege. More news to follow on that front. In short, I’m super excited about it (I’m doing cartwheels in ecstasy in my head right now).

Another piece of most excellent news (gosh, it really is my day today, isn’t it?) is that in addition to being a World Book Night (WBN) Giver, I’ve also been accepted to be Community Giver (triple whoop!). To break it down, I’ll be distributing copies of Peter James’ bestseller The Perfect Murder as WBN Giver and as a special something, three signed copies of my own book, Screaming Snowflakes. So if you want a shiny new copy of my book, keep it tuned right here. 🙂

WBN_logoThe whole point of WBN is to encourage people to read more. I know what it’s like, when life gets in the way and the number one excuse not to read, is that “you just don’t have the time”. I’d say carry a book around with you. Even if you’re waiting for five minutes in a doctor’s waiting room, that’s five delicious minutes of reading and brain exercise that you’ve undertaken.

WBN is targeted at reluctant readers, or those who haven’t read in a while. It should give them inspiration to pick up a book and just read. Now, there are a tonne of events planned across the country in celebration of WBN on April 23rd 2014 and I’m actually in the process of organising a super special event. I just need to finalise it before I go sharing the deets (to follow asap, I promise). What I can say, is that coffee will be involved at one of my favourite cafés in Derby…

Ciao for now,


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