I visited Kyoto a few years’ ago and I have been craving authentic Japanese food since. Would Sushi House Nottingham sate my appetite?


I have been to Beeston a sum total of twice in my entire life. I haven’t really felt the need to, because I thought I could get everything I wanted elsewhere (the city and West Bridgford are my main Nottingham chilling out spots). Turns out Beeston boasts things that I needed not just what I thought I wanted. What turns a want into a pressing must-have-it-now need? Sushi House Nottingham, that’s what.


We were booked in to review Sushi House Nottingham one soggy afternoon, where the weather couldn’t make its mind up whether it wanted to be volcano hot, or just apocalyptical rainstorms.


We zig-zagged down Beeston High Street, attempting to seek sanctuary in shops after a particularly heavy downpour. In the end, we sheepishly entered Sushi House Nottingham a full 30 minutes ahead of schedule. It is an unassuming eatery. It looks, rather deceptively like just another high street eatery. Don’t be fooled by its nondescript nature.


The doors are propped open, to encourage passing trade, and to allay paranoid diners (like yours truly) to chill the heck out and not worry about turning up waaaaaay to early.


We are greeted with warm smiles from a few of the front of house staff, then gently ushered to our table.


I immediately warm to Sushi House Nottingham. Although it’s a fairly compact 20 cover restaurant, we are placed at a spacious four-seater table. (Small tables in eateries, orange politicians, leash-less dogs and cold butter are pet peeves of mine, but more on that in a standalone post.)


Sushi House Nottingham
Kimura Ramune, green tea


We choose a tisane of green tea, and a pop drink popular in Japan, Kimura. Carbonated and fruity – plus it has a cool marble in its neck – it is best delicately sipped to get the true flavour (I chose original) before gulping without abandon.


There are a number of menus – five to be exact, but expect a helping hand and recommendations from general manager Lisa. These are fixed menus all year round, and although the food is currently collection-only, the restaurant has busy footfall for the duration of our visit.


We choose sashimi salad to share, because it is lunch-time, the sun is out (again), and well, salad is best eaten when the sun shines, right?


Sushi House Nottingham
Sashimi salad



A generous plate of assorted sashimi (salmon, mackerel) arrives atop a glorious green salad. Everything is incredibly fresh, from the crunch of the crisp vegetables, to the silken sashimi. I love the creamy mayonnaise-based dressing which is subtly sweet, and that has a teeny, tiny Tom Thumb kick on the swallow (deseeded chilli perhaps?).


Sushi House Nottingham
Sushi House Special Roll


I am intrigued by the range of Special Rolls, so I choose the Sushi House Roll. Spicy tempura crumb rolls have a delightfully warming quality, tempered somewhat by the creamy salmon and avocado topping. This feels like a grown-up treat, because I’m a sucker for tempura, which gives this dish added depth.


Sushi House Nottingham
Grilled salmon nigiri


Having never eaten salmon nigiri grilled (it does initially throw your taste-buds because you’re expecting traditionally chilled salmon), they are wolfed down with ease, after the most minute of pauses. I dunk the thumb-sized rice ball in the customary soy sauce dish with a quick dab of wasabi, and savour the taste of burnished salmon.


Teriyaki chicken Bento Box


You cannot eat at a Japanese restaurant and not get a Bento Box. Our chicken teriyaki-based box is substantial. Crisp gyoza, sesame-spiked chicken and shredded vegetables make this an excellent box to share for lunch, whilst the accompanying miso soup is one of the best I have tasted. I would visit Sushi House Nottingham again for this addictive. cloudy, umami broth in a heartbeat.


Sushi House Nottingham make all their sauces in-house. I fall in love with their home-made chilli sauce, which has deep, earthy notes and is unctuous and gloopy in all its fiery glory. If they had a bottle for sale, I would totally buy it. 


Sushi House Nottingham
Home-made chilli oil


I top a little of this oil on the special roll and find it goes exceedingly well with salmon. 


Sushi House Nottingham
Sushi House Special Roll


Service is attentive, the food is faultless, and Chef Jangwen certainly knows how to create a storm in the kitchen. To save airfare to Japan, get your fix of authentic sushi at Sushi House Nottingham now.


Food: 10/10


Ambience: 9/10


Service: 10/10



Restaurant name: Sushi House Beeston

Address: 95 High Rd, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2LE


Opening times:

Mon                     Closed

Tues – Sun        11:30am–9:30pm


How to make reservation: Telephone

Telephone: 0115 922 4683

Covers: 20

Head chef: Jangwen

General Manager: Lisa

Caters for dietary requirements: Yes, including gluten-free food.

How to get there: Circa 15 minutes away from Nottingham city centre.

Website + social: Facebook | Instagram

Whilst in the area: Visit Fresh Asia, an Oriental mart around the corner from Sushi House Nottingham. 




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