Screaming Snowflakes First Official Book Signing: The Rhode Island Café, Bolton (Thursday 30th October 12-3pm).

Hi Guys,

How are you? I hope you’re all well and enjoying the positively delicious weather. The sun is out, it’s Friday and the weekend is literally around the corner.

Actually, one of my cool colleagues (who also makes curries to die for, more on that on a later post) made a comment this morning, which got me thinking. After saying that I couldn’t wait for the weekend, he remarked that I shouldn’t really wish my life away. He’s totally right; we spend so much time awaiting the weekend with gusto, that we actually forget to enjoy the present moment, the here and now.

So, here’s to living in the present. It’s going to be a manic month, how’s your October shaping up? I’ve got a wedding to prep for (buying an outfit was a tedious chore), a theatre review, David Nicholls’ Us book signing and that’s only for the half of it.

The main reason for me jumping online was because I wanted to update you on a really exciting piece of news. I’m hosting my first official book signing at the end of this month.

To those of you who already know, my E-Book is currently available digitally via Amazon and Waterstones. Whilst working on other projects and doing the final edits of Book 2 of the Screaming Snowflakes Saga, I’m finally getting around to a paperback signing. You know, made with actual paper. Sorry it’s taken this long, life gets in the way and I promise that you won’t have to wait too long for the signing of the sequel (slated for release in early 2015).

I’m just waiting for the flyer from my designer, who is working his magic on it was we speak. I promise to share with you all as soon as I have it. The book signing will be on Thursday 30th October from 12pm – 3pm at The Rhode Island Café in Bolton. It’s where I wrote whole swathes of the book, so it’s nice to come full circle and have the signing there.

And because I love giving back to the community, I will be donating 15% of proceeds from the book to the Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme. I’m looking into a raffle too, so if you can donate anything (it can be a product or service), please do drop me a line on [email protected].

I’m really looking forward to the signing and I can’t wait to meet you all. It’s going to be epic!


PS expect a curry recipe from my work colleague Dude W soon, once the madness of the book signing and wedding (not mine) is over…

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