Social Media Marketing 101 + New website = Full on weekend!

Hey Guys,

How are you? Hope you’re all having a ball on this lovely bank holiday weekend. What did you get up to? My weekend just flew by and it rained pretty much all the time. Even this little piggy had a tough time (see cute picture, I couldn’t resist).
pig Still, it was constructive in that I wrote a pivotal scene of my book, revamped my website with a brand spanking new theme and managed to squeeze in some cooking too (triple yaay!). That Kenwood food processor is really awesome, I can now make scrummy, hearty soup in under an hour, from punnet to stove. Cool or what? (If you want the recipe for home-made roasted tomato and red pepper soup, just drop me a line and I promise I’ll get back to you.)

In the next hour, as a treat for a full-on few days, I’ll be curled up watching Penny Dreadful later on this evening. Have you seen it yet? The trailers look amazing and anything with Josh Hartnett has got to be worth a watch. It’s Gothic and romantic and also a thriller (ticking all three of my boxes thus far).

For fellow foodies, you’d be interested to know that on this new blog, I’ve fleshed out a whole section on the Littleover PantryCafé, do check it out and let me know what you think.

On a separate note, I’ve been doing a whole tonne of research on social media and came across what I can only describe to be a social media guru. Jeff Bullas is something of a genius, because his tips and tricks are genuine and actually work. Email list-building is apparently imperative for any writer / business in this era and because I’ve heard about the significance of this from Jeff Bullas, Joanna Penn and many other astute bods, I just had to give it a whirl. Will it work? Let’s just wait and see. I’ll let you know how I’m faring on that front. And on that note, I wish you a lovely evening and must beetle off.

Love RAx

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