Drinking coffee can apparently aid weightloss. Now that I’ve got your attention, how about taking it that one step further, by sipping vitamin infused coffee?

Vitamin Coffee delivers more than a caffeine hit. Every cup contains your full daily dose of 14 essential vitamins and minerals whilst still tasting pretty great. First, a little bit about the company. Launched in September 2017 by Bryn Ray, a design consultant with a passion for fitness, Vitamin Coffee is now owned by two fitness professionals with MSc degrees. They have comprehensive experience of working with professional athletes and continue to nurture and build the brand whilst sating the appetites of health conscious individuals. 

Vitamin Coffee uses the highest quality, FDA approved ingredients to create effective and balanced vitamin blends. These blends have been carefully formulated to survive heat treatment without compromising the taste of coffee.

I was intrigued by the notion of Vitamin Coffee – can it really deliver on taste?

I received a 210g bag of freshly ground coffee, which the bag says equates to 14 daily servings. Maybe I have been using less coffee, but 3 weeks since cracking the bag open, and I still have a few servings left.

Each bag of premium ground Vitamin Coffee is made from expertly roasted beans that complement the vitamin mixes to make them almost unnoticeable. The range consists of three vitamin blends; Complete, Defense and Energy, each of which offer a unique health benefit.

Defense helps to boost your immune system
Energy gives you a kickstart
Complete supports general wellbeing

Suggested brewing methods are cafétiere, drip-filter, espresso and Aeropress (I used the latter). After letting the coffee steep for around 20 seconds, I ‘Aeropressed’ it, and one minute later, I had a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

I brewed the Complete Medium Roast, which is a rich blend of Asian and African coffee. I sipped it sans milk and sugar at first, to get a true taste of the coffee, then poured in a liberal splash of milk and Agave syrup once the tasting was done.

It is very good coffee, smooth to drink and I especially like the Malabar beans that give it a rich chocolatey flavour. I also got a discernible hit of toffee on the swallow, which was a lovely finish. Owing to the chocolate undertones within the coffee, I think this coffee would go nicely with dark chocolate or chocolate with a high cocoa percentage, that is upwards of 70%.

As a self-confessed coffee geek, I love to know more about the bean, its treatment, origin and flavour profile. What I know about Vitamin Coffee is that they produce great coffee, and I like the company ethos as well. Vitamin Coffee believes that coffee should be convenient, which is why they offer a delivery service. Coffee lovers can get delicious Vitamin Coffee delivered to their door in a letter-box friendly package. You don’t have to wait around for a parcel to arrive, or collect from a neighbour, meaning you can enjoy your coffee without delay.

Each full bag (£5.95) contains 14 servings of coffee. There’s also a subscription service to save you having to remember faffy re-ordering, and I will be placing an order for the Complete Dark Roast beans coffee when I’ve finished my current supply I have on the go (Roma Nespresso pods if you’re asking).

For more information about Vitamin Coffee, check out their websiteTwitter or Instagram.

*Complimentary coffee reviewed*

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