The Derby BookCake Club has been going for around three years. The group is a made up of self-confessed bibliophiles who love cake, a cheeky drink and who meet every month at The Half Moon Inn in Littleover.

The group was born out of the dearth of reading groups in Littleover. Ria Amber Tesia, a local author and food critic set up the group after realising there wasn’t a local group that combined her two passions of reading and baking.

The Derby BookCake Club is more than just a reading group of 10 members. With a diverse age range from 20 years to over 65, the wide appeal is down to the fact that reading and baking is a winning combination. For some, it’s also a social meeting and time-out from busy, hectic lives.

Books are chosen democratically and the group enjoy a chinwag, discussing the book of the month, catching up on goings on, all the while munching on a nice slice of home-made cake and sipping a warming brandy / beer (insert choice of usually alcoholic beverage).

To find out more about the Derby BookCake Club, please Tweet @Amber_Tesia now.

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